Mall and Shopping Plaza Promotions

At Events Without Borders, Inc. we understand that the recent downturn in the economy has been especially difficult for small businesses. Retail has been negatively effected and a number of stores have closed their doors, resulting in some shopping plazas and malls looking like ghost towns. We understand that the loss of even a few stores in a plaza can be the kiss of death for the entire facility. The visual of seeing empty storefronts creates a negative impression to consumers, and drives them to shop elsewhere.

Events Without Borders, Inc. has designed a number of events specifically geared to draw foot traffic to malls and plazas. But getting people there is only half the battle. Our events are designed to introduce these potential customers to the store staff and to familiarize them with the products offered in their stores.

If you are a developer, builder or owner of a commercial retail property, call us to ensure your storefronts remain full. If you are a retail store owner who wants to see more business in your location, speak to your Property Manager on our behalf and contact us. Working together, we'll put some life back into your location!

And by the way, our events are FUN!

Here are some pics from a recent event in Hollywood, Florida for the Park Sheridan and Park Sheridan West shopping plazas (32 stores). We created a family-oriented, pirate themed treasure hunt that guided participants from store to store via clues and riddles which they had to solve. Prizes, costumes, games refreshments and a local high school marching band all added to a memorable and successful event.
Our follow-up a month later with the store owners showed that there was a noticeable increase in new customers who said they had discovered the stores as a direct result of the event.

Let's make memories together!